Deniz Beser

I'm a senior studying Computer Science, Cognitive Science (BAS), and Robotics (MSE) at the University of Pennsylvania. I'm interested in cognitively motivated models of learning and using computational models to advance our understanding of intelligence.


Computational Cognitive Science (with Charles Yang)

2017 - Present

Currently, I'm making a qualitative assessment of several models of rule learning in language. Other projects I've been working on include extending Spencer Caplan's word learning model to homophone learning, and building a parameter-free sequential model of metaphor comprehension.

Psycholinguistics (with John Trueswell)

2018 - Present

The interaction between language and thought has been debated for decades. Following a large body of literature stating thought is independent of language unless a task implicates language, I investigate this relation in the visual domain through a series of eye-tracking experiments, and test how lemmas (abstract, conceptual word forms) are mentally activated.

Computational Linguistics (with Mitch Marcus)

2017 - 2018

I contributed to building a tool that drastically reduces Optical Character Recognition errors in corpora with minimal human labor.
Paper: Caitlin Richter, Matthew Wickes, Deniz Beser, Mitch Marcus. Low-resource Post Processing of Noisy OCR Output for Historical Corpus Digitisation. LREC 2018
I implemented and tested supervised and semi-supervised part-of-speech taggers for low-resource languages.
Poster: Part-of-Speech Tagging for Low-Resource Languages - Won first place in CIS department's poster competition!

Teaching Experience

2018 Fall - University of Pennsylvania - Teaching Assistant

CIS521: Artificial Intelligence

2018 Spring - University of Pennsylvania - Teaching Assistant

CIS519: Applied Machine Learning